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Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown, Connecticut December 18, 2012

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Sandy Hook Elementary  Newtown, Connecticut

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy in Connecticut. There are no words to properly convey the grief, horror, and anger that we are all feeling. Our thoughts are with you.


Happy Places August 15, 2012

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This little shoppe in England would be the perfect place for me to browse, pass the time, and feel happy and creative. Do you have a certain space or place that you would like to go to when you need to recharge? Let me know. Post a comment and/or photo of a place that makes you happy :)


Memorial Day May 27, 2012

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I would like to take a moment this Memorial Day weekend to remember all of those men and women who have bravely given their lives to our country. I am in awe of the courage and patriotism that each of these men and women have had in their heart. It does take a special kind of person to leave the comforts of their home and family to face new adventures, and in this day and age, challenges known as war. 


I am also thinking of the brave and encouraging family members who had to let their child, brother, sister, etc actually go and represent our country. The family plays an important role in all of this. Thank you to the parents who raised great children that are independent and selfless to join the military. 


Thank you does not seem like words enough to express the gratitude that Americans feel toward these brave people from all neighborhoods across our great country. The United States is lucky to have such loyal and patriotic citizens. 


Heartfelt thanks and praise again to all of our service men and women who have gone before us and are fighting for us even today. You are what courage looks like.



Proud Momma May 9, 2012

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My son Colton was gone yesterday, last night, and most of today at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) here in Metro Detroit, Michigan. This is where he took various tests to become enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Colton did very well and he will be able to choose from just about any job he is interested in. 

I was a wreck last night. I missed him and he was just spending the night at a hotel in a nearby city! LOL Oh well, it’s a Mom’s prerogative, right?

He will most likely not go to boot camp until December, because there are so many recruits right now. This will be a long wait for Colton. I know he is anxious to get started. But, as his Mom, it’s okay with me if December never comes. :(

I’d like to hear form other military Moms and learn how you are coping with your child in the military. I am very proud of Colton. A mother bird does have to let her baby birds leave the nest at some point. :)


Mini Scrapbook Album made For A Friend May 3, 2012

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I thought I would share some photos with you of a mini album I made for a friend’s wedding. As a young couple, I felt they would like something sweet and fun, not too formal.




The pages are chipboard I covered with patterned paper, then inked the edges to give it a finished look.




There are mini pockets inside to include little notes from bride to groom :)




The colors are pastel and pale pink, green, and blue. I designed places in the mini album for her to insert her own photos, of course.




I hope she will like it. I think she will. I hope you like it, too.


Rain is Lonely April 30, 2012

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How does rain make you feel? Rain makes me feel kind of lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I have a loving family, great friends, and lots of things to occupy my time. But, there is something about rain that makes me feel down, and then I feel lonely. 

How do the people that live in rainy regions do it? Like Seattle for instance. When it rains most of the time and you rarely see the sun, where is your optimism? I like sunshine to brighten my day, and give me a feeling of fun, laughter, and motivation. 

This feeling of mine could be totally made up, or even transferred from my parents. Maybe they would complain about rainy weather all the time and I just came to know that I didn’t like rain either. I’m not really sure about that. However, I am a pretty objective person and can usually see both sides of a situation. The only side that resonates with me when it rains, is the pessimistic side. 

Maybe it’s the darkness that usually accompanies rain that makes me feel less than positive. I do like very sunny days. The noise of rain doesn’t bother me, it’s actually kind of soothing and relaxing. I’d say it’s definitely the lack of brightness on a dreary day that makes me feel lonely.

Today was rainy and gloomy. I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed. I felt lonely.

But, tomorrow is another day and I look forward to tomorrow. I haven’t checked the weather forecast – I don’t want to feel lonely ahead of time. :)


Disney Recap April 20, 2012

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We had a great time in Florida. The weather was perfect and spending time with my brother and his family was so much fun. Raychel had the most memorable Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration in Disney World. Image

We had a blast going to all of the different parks – our favorite is Magic Kingdom. We also had a character breakfast with Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy – very fun and the food was delicious!!


Raychel got to meet Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora. Very cool :) 


She was also treated like a princess herself! Raychel got the royal treatment when we got back to our room on Sunday evening. She received a proclamation from Cinderella stating that Raychel was now an official princess. There was also a letter from the Fairy Godmother, her own magical scepter, chocolates, cookies, a silver necklace, and a beautiful tiara!!




This was certainly a birthday she will never forget!



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