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It’s Chinese New Year! January 24, 2012

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Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon!  This can be a time for new resolutions or a time to reflect on the past year and all of our accomplishments.  There have been a few accomplishments for me in the past year, but I like to look ahead and plan for new goals.
One of my new goals is to use coupons more often. It’s just like money hiding in the bottom of your purse, or on the coffee table in the Sunday paper, or in the kitchen junk drawer. Money that should be in your pocket and not in the retailer’s bank accounts. Coupons are so readily available. They are literally everywhere. I mentioned the Sunday paper, but they are online, too. It is so easy to just search for a store name or a product name and find a coupon to print out.
Most recently, I have come across all of the coupons that are right on my phone!! It could not be easier than that! There really is no excuse for me not to use more coupons. I love the Jimmy Fallon commercial with the little baby – “But, it’s more money!!”  LOL
Let me know what your resolutions are, or your reflections from last year. Also, chime in on if you use coupons or not…….
Ta Ta For Now.

My Favorite Time of Year January 18, 2012

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Ray deciding which pumpkin was going home.

Living in southeastern Michigan we certainly get to see all four seasons in all their glory. My favorite season is Autmn, maybe because I was born in October. The colors are beautiful, the temperature is splendid, and the activities are abundant. Her are a few photos from October 2011 when my husband, Ray, my daughter, Raychel, a nd I went to the Pumpkin Patch. We had never been to Farmer J’s Patch before, so this was truly an adventure.

Raychel and Farmer J

Chickens to Greet Us

The Beginning of Autumn

Cadillac on the Farm


Fresh Thinking

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Of course this is a new blog, so there will be new, fresh thoughts hitting the world wide web. LOL I hope you’re ready for them 🙂 I love to create new things with lots of different mediums, and I will post photos quite often. Feel free to comment. My darling husband gave me a new webcam for Christmas, so get ready for videos, too. Right now I’m working on a 31 day photo journal challenge. I’m doing pretty good on the photos, just have to keep up with the journaling. This challenge was posted by Marion Smith on our facebook group, Artsy Addicts. I’m anxious to see everyone else’s journals, as well. Happy blogging!