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Homeschool Calms A Mother’s Heart February 28, 2012

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Another shooting at a high school and 3 students are dead. This time in Ohio. I have no more qualms about whether I did the right thing in beginning to homeschool my high school daughter. Raychel attended public school until the 10th grade, which is this school year for her. I am so sad when I think about what the parents of these kids are going through. The shooter’s parents and the victim’s parents. I am so happy when I think that I will never have to go through that scenario as a parent.  


Creative Mo Jo February 16, 2012

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My creative juices have really been flowing lately. I created a “Wizard of Oz” themed mini scrapbook album and a Valentines Day mini album that I put my hubby’s photos in. This was all in the last couple of weeks. There is something about this winter weather in Michigan that really makes me want to pull out all of my crafting supplies and get lost for hours…… LOL

Speaking of crafting supplies, I remember when I was little all of the amazing craft supplies that my Grandma and Great Aunt had around their homes. My Great Aunt Nell loved to dry her own wildflowers, I especially remember Queen Anne’s Lace. During the summer we would even stop the car by the side of the road and she would get her scissors out of her purse and clip a good handful of these gorgeous, dainty wildflowers. After these, and many other types of flowers, were sufficiently dried in a tupperware container of silica gel, she would painstakingly glue them on to a velvet covered photo frame backing.  She would make the most beautiful arrangements, complete with a tiny hand tied ribbon bow, and return the glass top of the frame to these formal beauties. Aunt Nell enjoyed attending local craft shows and would sit there behind her little table for the day, making a little pocket money. I must see if any relatives still have any of her creations still around.

My Grandma enjoyed making all kinds of crafts using all kinds of different mediums. Her basement had boxes and boxes of yarn, sequins, felt, fabric, thread, plastic grids, glues, silk and felt flowers, almost anything you could think of to make the most kitchy project ever! She and her lady friends formed a crafting group of friends called the ‘Crafty Women”. They would take turns meeting at each others’ homes every other month or two. The hostess was usually in charge of the refreshments, and another “Crafty Woman” would be in charge of that month’s craft project. All the supplies would be provided by and mostly cut and prepared by the hostess. In time, my Grandfather fondly referred to the group as the “Crappy Women”.  LOL

I will try to get photos on here ASAP. Photos make the posts more fun and easier to imagine 🙂